The Art of Web Design – Case Study – Purple Prizes

Web Design is our forte and when we were asked by Mark from Purple Prizes to re-design the website, we certainly obliged. The old site was in desperate need of an update. Firstly to bring it into the 2020 design and to improve the user experience. They had built some solid foundations with a basic theme and templating from some WordPress plugins but their business had outgrown that website. Now, they needed to take the site to the next level. Both design and functionality were paramount.

Build using WordPress with a lot of customizations to get the site working how they wanted. It is somewhat unique in the sense that they sell tickets to prizes through a means of competitions, such that of a virtual raffle ticket system. With countdown timers and multiple tickets being bought at any given time we had to make sure the site was fast to cope with all the processes and potentially a large influx of customers at a competition launch. No easy task, but with our team of experienced skilled WordPress coders, everything was and still is in hand.

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