Photography In Website Design

Wedding photographer essex David Dean

This really is one of the key factors in a successful website. The photography can be the difference between a sale or not, the difference between keeping a visitor on your site and them leaving quickly.

When it comes to photography, we always recommend using stock photos through various photo websites or hiring a professional photographer. One niche we always like working with are that of photographers and specifically wedding photographers as they are the ones capturing the photographs and the quality tends to be the best of the best.

Take a look at one of most recent projects, David Dean who provides professional wedding photography services in Essex and beyond.

The Art of Web Design – Case Study – Purple Prizes

Web Design is our forte and when we were asked by Mark from Purple Prizes to re-design the website, we certainly obliged. The old site was in desperate need of an update. Firstly to bring it into the 2020 design and to improve the user experience. They had built some solid foundations with a basic theme and templating from some WordPress plugins but their business had outgrown that website. Now, they needed to take the site to the next level. Both design and functionality were paramount.

Build using WordPress with a lot of customizations to get the site working how they wanted. It is somewhat unique in the sense that they sell tickets to prizes through a means of competitions, such that of a virtual raffle ticket system. With countdown timers and multiple tickets being bought at any given time we had to make sure the site was fast to cope with all the processes and potentially a large influx of customers at a competition launch. No easy task, but with our team of experienced skilled WordPress coders, everything was and still is in hand.

Top Benefits of 3D Animations in the Field of Education

In the recent times, there has been a great hype about the e-learning industry. With the latest high-end advancements in the technology sector, e-learning has become a reality in most of the education systems across the world. While the rest of the world’s education system is still on the verge of adopting this cutting-edge technology, applications of e-learning like 3D animations are on the rise. The sole aim of any e-learning environment is to make learning and education more effective, immersive, and interesting for the students.

Animation-based learning is being primarily incorporated in the modern-age education system. Through the use of animations in learning, the overall learning process becomes more interactive and engaging with the integration of the high-tech animations tools in the e-learning strategies. Here are some of the benefits of the 3D animations in the field of education:

  • Breathing Life into Content: Animations can help in making the overall learning process livelier and more real. The learners can find it highly engaging to absorb the animated content in comparison to the regular texts that turn out immensely boring. The proper usage and integration of images, graphics, 3D animations, and visuals make the learning process highly productive. The learners are able to trust the information that is being presented to them and can relate to the content faster when it is being presented to them in the form of animations.
  • Simplifies Complex Information: The animators out there are able to come up with highly appealing visual elements that are integrated into the form of 3D animations. This can aid in simplifying the complex data that is being presented to the learners. They are able to interpret the complex terms and functions through the motion graphics displayed in an e-learning classroom. This application of the 3D animation is being implemented across a wide range of industries. For instance, in automobile industries, the trainees are able to learn the skills of operating the different automobile parts in a secure environment with the help of animations.
  • Powerful Learning Mechanism: Unlike conventional e-learning processes, the use of 3D animations ensures a powerful learning mechanism for the learners. The utilization of the multi-sensory mechanism of learning includes the usage of images, narratives, visuals, and so more. Thus, it becomes possible for the learners to understand the given subject easily and in a highly entertaining manner. The 3D animation-based power learning mechanisms enable the viewers to recall the subject’s lessons later on which make it possible to memorize them properly.
  • Learning with Entertainment: For an education system, it is one of the toughest challenges to impart complicated study materials to the learners in an effective manner. With the integration of the 3D animations into the learning system, the educational organizations across the world are able to present information entertainingly. This simplifies the overall learning process.

The educational institutes around the world can make use of the benefits offered by the application of 3D animations in the field of education! For more information on 3D animation and augmented reality visit Blackbird-DW.

How To Choose A Domain Name

When it comes to your domain, you need to make sure that the name you choose is suitable for the business you’re going to be advertising with your site. Choosing the proper name for your website and domain is, therefore, an essential part of the website building process. We’re going to be looking at some of the tips and tricks we know for choosing a domain name.

Keep It Short And Simple

One of the first things that you should take into consideration when it comes to choosing a domain name is keeping things short and simple. The name of your domain should be one or two words at best. Apple, Facebook, Twitter and Amazon are all single word domain names, and this makes them easy to remember and also well-known names across the world. Your domain name should follow this trend if possible.

Check For Different Spellings

One of the other things that you should consider when it comes to your web domain name is if it has multiple spellings. A lot of words have an American counterpart for example, and this means that certain words are going to be spelt differently for people in the UK, where the ‘s’ is replaced with a ‘z’. As well as this, words which contain ‘ie’ may well be spelt by some people as ‘ei’. This is something which you’re going to need to take into consideration when you create your domain name. Some people get around this by choosing a domain name which has an awkward spelling, and then purchasing both domain names, so that people arrive at their site regardless of which spelling is used.

Work Within Your Area

Let us suppose for a minute that you’re looking to put out a service exclusively for people in your local area. This will ring true for those people who perhaps own a brick and mortar store, and are looking to create an online presence. If this is the case, then you should try and make sure that your domain name uses the name of your town or city within it. This can help you to become more recognisable, and allow customers to tie the physical store to the online presence.

Overall, these are a few of the tips and tricks which we would suggest for choosing the correct domain name. The name of your domain is important because it provides an anchor for people to recognise your site, and this will allow them in turn to find your services and goods. Your domain name should be catchy, easy to remember and make people recognise you as soon as they hear the name. If it is a problematic spelling, then you should always try and make sure that every possible variation of the grammar is covered and sorted, as that way you’ll be guaranteeing that traffic comes to your site regardless of how it is spelt. Your domain name is such a core part of your entire online presence, so making sure that the correct name is chosen is such an important task. For further information about this topic, speak to the guys at Zen Hosting.